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The red and blue states are too divided. We've hated each other since the Civil War, and it's only getting worse. Blue states want to give gays and minorities equal rights, and red states don't even want to let them vote. Red states can't stay competitive for national power because of the ever changing demographics. Red states are done with democracy. They want a dictator, and they should be allowed to get what they want. They can make Donald Trump their king, outlaw abortion, erase all gun restrictions and make incest legal. We can't let all red states leave, but we can build I giant wall around Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North and South Carolina. Democrats living in those states would be highly encouraged to relocate to one of the Union states. We believe that die hard republicans living in Union states would be happy to move to the New Confederacy. In their country, and behind their wall, no one will get vaccinated, and they can allow viruses and diseases to mutate unchecked. It really will be an inbred's paradise. We don't want to share a country with them, and they don't want to share a country with us. It's time to just give it up.


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